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Lexi offers the Weight Mastery Program in both a group format and in individual sessions. Of course, each person’s history and relationship with food is unique. Group sessions can be helpful as they address the themes that are common to most of us, while individual work allows us to hone in on your particular needs.


As a former practicing nutritionist and educator, and now as a seasoned hypnotherapist, I think it’s important to note that claims of “single session success” are rarely true. Freeing  your mind of limiting mindsets in the deeper mind, also liberates other aspects of your life as well. If weight loss has been a life long battle, I encourage you to invest in the unique and empowering journey of Weight Mastery.

Weight Mastery

When you include the Subconscious mind in your weight loss strategy, it becomes a Game Changer. We assume our everyday mind is our primary decision maker when you’re ready to change. We know however, that the

Subconscious mind is your Dominant mind, making 70% of your decisions and creating a majority of your thoughts. This deeper mind is the source of our beliefs, drives and conditioned behaviors and well as the foundation of our self-esteem. Our “stories”, history and relationship to food and weight are recorded here.

In sharp contrast, your conscious everyday mind represents less than 10% of your mind power. It updates every day as it processes ideas and decides on a plan. Still, it’s not strong enough to create your breakthrough change, when your Subconscious has an opposing idea concerning diets, weight loss and food.


The Subconscious mind is often compared to a computer, in that it records everything we have ever experienced. Most of our conditioning is thought to occur before age 7, before we were old enough to filter what is true and not true. Old ideas and conditioning from the past may not support our current goals and instead create resistance and self-sabotage.

Hypnotherapy tools give you easy access to your Subconscious mind so you can create new and healthy “software” ...

The end result? We may be working with a mind that is divided, when it comes to weight loss goals. Your conscious mind may be inspired and ready, but your Subconscious mind wants chocolate cake.

We can't change the content of the Subconscious mind with just our conscious thoughts. Fortunately, Hypnotherapy tools give you easy access to your Subconscious mind so you can create new and healthy “software” -- that naturally invites better decisions, motivation, and the energy to  achieve your goals.  Your Subconscious and Conscious mind , working together, creates a powerful alliance to support your goals and dreams.. Now your whole mind can agree to………


  • Lose the struggle mentality, and embrace the new energy of momentum, inspired feelings, and steady change.

  • Bypass emotional eating as you connect instead   with peaceful states.

  • Change your eating patterns and preferences at a deeper level of the Mind.

  • Release Stress, enjoy exercise

  • Power up your motivation

  • Create and act upon the powerful and compelling vision of your Future Self.

  • Reclaim your personal power!

  • Learn self hypnosis, a tool to support you in every arena of your Life

  • Experience a new sense of control around your food choices.

  • Create new habits that support your healthy lifestyle and lasting results.

  • Discover a new positive mindset, as your self   esteem is nourished.


"I had gastric bypass in Nov 2007. As a result, I went from 347 lbs down to 217 by Feb 2009. After my weight loss stalled and aggravated by a divorce. I rebounded and went from a 42 to a 50 inch waist by spring 2012. At that time, my eating was completely out of control; was home bound and watching up to 14 hrs of tv in a day. Out of desperation I decided to try hypnotherapy. After an initial consultation with Lexi in April, I knew that she completely understood my problems and issues and how best to overcome them.


Over the course of 9 months, I have been progressively fitting back into smaller pants. I am down to a 39” waist and still getting smaller. I am remarkably better mentally and doing many outdoor activities, such as bike riding, 2 hr walks twice a week, hiking and camping, that were severely hampered over the past year due to all my weight gain.  Most beneficial is our regular follow up sessions where we discuss milestones and conduct hypnotherapy sessions. With the support, help, and guidance of Lexi, I have lost over 60 lbs and 11 inches from my waist. Lexi provided me with the focused care I needed on my terms, allowing me to achieve the physical and mental goals not just in the short term, but for my forseeable future too. She has taken the time, effort and compassion to understand the chaos of my past life. The outcome for me is a new long term path of mental and physical well being."

Richard R.  Salem

Call today to schedule your first appointment or complimentary consultation with Lexi Parrott: 503-267-9353

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