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Hypnosis Demystified

Beneath the surface of your everyday conscious mind, lies a vast river of vibrant energy, expanded awareness, and your Fullest Potential.

It is your Subconscious Mind - the Powerhouse, influencing most of your decisions and driving most of our life.

Within this bountiful mind, lie the imprints of your “true self” - the gifts of your intuition and inner wisdom. It is a space of invention,natural charisma, endless creativity and strength. It is the space of your Heart’s Desire, and the source of your dreams.

This expansive mind field holds the seeds of your unique destiny, longing to express through you. The energy doesn’t forget its original nature - your greatest potential. It lies waiting for you to discover it, call it out, and use it. With hypnosis, we dialogue with it, and create a powerful new pathway to the life you desire.

Becoming Masters of our Life

Traditionally, we are taught to rely on our rational intellect to resolve, inspire and move our life-- yet it represents just a fraction of our mind power. We know today that the Subconscious is our Dominant mind-- where the majority of our decisions are made. When you upgrade the old programming in your Subconscious mind, you activate your natural ability to reshape your reality. The energy captured by our negative stories, is now freed to support your Life. Ground breaking, lasting transformation can start almost immediately. 


Transformational Hypnotherapy is a Whole Mind approach that allows you to access your innate power to fuel change and see lasting results. You are engaging more of your mind to create effective change and bringing healing perspectives to your deeper mind. As you cultivate a relationship with your Subconscious mind, you are opening to your own unique and vast potential to create your life anew, to know your authentic self and direct your whole mind on your path of self mastery.

What Limits our Change

As a child, we lived in this creative mind, and everything was possible. As an adult, we may feel like our life is not our own. Our stream of vibrant energy becomes muddied, blocked over time --in part by early conditioning, trauma and the limiting beliefs we acquired-- you can’t , you’ll never, you should! In our early years, what we hear and experience in our families, in school and life, can leave its mark deep inside-- closing off parts of our natural way of being, our belief in ourself and life. Old beliefs and conditioning from our earliest years become blocks, that capture our energy, harden our heart and dull our connection to this great source of power within us.

“We all have the extraordinary coded inside us, waiting to be released”.
Jean Houston
Author, Teacher, Visionary   
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