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As you access your Subconscious Mind, you can…

Find and evaluate your inner programming


Release habitual patterns of behavior and thinking


Access the solutions/answers that lie within


Install new and healthy suggestions that support your goals, desires


Open to spiritual perspectives - the higher mind - a loving and  supportive source of inner wisdom


Open to new creative possibilities. Unleash your inner resource states and the energy to manifest a new life


Access deep levels of calm and relaxation at will. Be at peace with yourself in all situations.


Free up stuck or blocked energy flows in the body

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What Hypnotherapy is……..

The primary tool of hypnotherapy is the self-hypnotic state -- a natural state of deep relaxation, accompanied by an expanded awareness of your inner world. I guide you into this relaxed state with visualization and calming music. This relaxed, but aware state creates an opening to your Subconscious, and bypasses filters in our Conscious mind that block the acceptance of new ideas, beliefs and strategies in our deeper mind.   Hypnotherapy tools allow you to update the content of the Subconscious  where most of our decisions are made. Hence, old habits of thought, belief and behavior that stall your life, can be renewed to put you on the winning path of achieving your goals. Your life can transform at every level when you work with your Subconscious mind.

What hynotherapy is

Why Hypnotherapy is safe…….

Hypnotherapy is safe because you are aware, awake, deeply relaxed and fully in control of the process. We all experience natural states of self-hypnosis daily as we cycle in and out of daydreams, space out in a boring conversation, or lose ourself in a good book. Hypnotherapy  creates a pleasantly relaxed, yet inwardly focused state that supports the re-education of our Subconscious mind to create positive outcomes. Hypnotherapy has been recognized by the AMA since 1958. Hypnotherapy is taught at Harvard Medical School.

Why Hypnotherapy is so effective….

Hypnotherapy is so effective because the Subconcious is the Powerhouse - or Engine of the mind. Your deeper mind holds the internal blueprints of who you are - the foundation of your self-image, beliefs, behaviors, emotions and spiritual life. This blueprint is largely created from past experiences and can influence every aspect of your life.


Other Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is fast and results oriented; Most issues resolve in 3-6 sessions.


Recognized as a tool that promotes lasting change on a deep level of the mind.


Hypnotherapy gives you the advantage of engaging more your mind to enlarge your scope of change.

Hypnosis is empowering - you connect with your unique problem solving consciousness.

Hypnotherapy is a portal to your Higher Mind/Higher Self as your perceptual field opens.

other benefits

Top 6 Reasons to try Hypnotherapy

You’ve already cycled through other modalities, but you’re just not where you want to be. You may need to access a deeper level.


You’re ready to join the brilliant minds, Einstein and Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Churchill all used trance states to connect with inspired ideas and solutions to their projects.


You’re ready to manifest the exceptional in your life. It’s time for a breakthrough and to leave the mundane and joylessness behind.


Your potential is blocked due to barriers such as addictive habits (smoking, drinking, eating), heavy emotions and stuck energy. You’re ready to break down those barriers and get on with the life you were meant to live.                                


You seek a higher state of being, a stronger spiritual connection and an expanded consciousness.  You’re ready to connect with your inner guidance or past lives.


You feel disconnected from your strength and passion. You’re ready to reclaim your enthusiasm and step into your full potential.

top 6 reasons
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